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Audit Score: 96%
Last Audit Date: 29th November 2018
Distance: 2.0 miles away
Scope: £500,000 - £1,000,000
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  • ISO 14001
  • CSCS
  • CHAS
  • ISO 9001
  • Investors in People
  • Constructionline
  • Spray
  • Colour and design
  • Highly decorative
  • Multi-trades
  • Industrial
  • Specialist wallcoverings
Company Overview:

George Jones & Son Ltd is one of the largest privately owned and managed painting and maintenance contractors in the UK, which has been trading since 1899.

At George Jones we know the key to achieving quality comes from developing the skills of our team and we are pleased that our consistently high standards have been recognised through both Investor in People and ISO9001 : 2000 Awards & most recently ISO14001 for our commitment to environmental issues.

We have been trading for over a hundred years and have a long history of providing a quality service to our customers though our principal activities listed below:

Commercial & Industrial Painting & Decorating

Specialist Decorations & Application Products

Carpentry & Joinery

UPVC Installation


General Maintenance & Refurbishment including Pre-painting Repairs and Planned Maintenance Works


We have been working with the Ministry of Defence since World War II and most recently entered into a six year Partnership with MHS in 2007 to carry out the external Repairs & Decorating to 5000 Married Quarters per year at value of 1.5 Million per year to half of the country.

Benchmarking is carried out on each site to set the standard required and following this one in ten inspection is carried out by MODern Housing & the Defence Estates, which has proved to be productive not only with Quality but with Management time being spent on the sites.

George Jones has worked for Eton College for 8 years, carrying out both External and Internal decoration on term contract basis, with the average value being £750,000 a year.

The work carried out has always been done very professionally with highly skilled and competent workforce.

The work has been managed to the highest level, particularly on site where their site manager has been excellent. All financial matters have always been on time and correct.

The working relationship between George Jones and Eton College has been excellent and little or no complaints been received.

Paul Bayley

Chief Buildings Surveyor, Eton College, Eton

GJ have been Instrumental in helping WPH achieve the standard we want for our residents and the levels of satisfaction we aspire to achieve.

They have brought co-operative working to new levels with their ability to integrate their management systems with ours, giving a seamless reporting and working process for the end users.

Brian Croft

Investment Programme Manager, Wirral Partnership Homes, Wirral

The Tower of London

Picture1 Tol Picture2 Tol

For over 20 years George Jones & Son have been the incumbent contractors for all aspects of Painting, Decorating and Building Maintenance at the world famous landmark; The Tower of London. At over 950 years old, this Grade I listed building has become a central part to the tourist economy of London. Attracting nearly 3Million visitors to the city each year, this magnificent group of buildings is steeped in vast history. To accommodate for the constant mass influx of tourists and subsequent damage to the Tower, George Jones consistently worked throughout the Tower buildings. Often working outside of normal working hours, ensuring the works did not disrupt the visiting tourist population. Simultaneously, becoming a part of the experience and conserving the vast estate which overlooks the city.

Throughout the length of the contract, traditional methods were utilised and maximum efforts were dedicated to the conservation of the Tower of London. Specialist paints and wallpapers were required, in order to conserve and maintain the delicate walls of the tower and it’s adjacent buildings. Stencils were applied by hand throughout (see pictured), demonstrating the diversity in skillset of George Jones’ operatives. Each stencil applied, being completely and purposely unique, much like a piece of fine art, whilst not disturbing the surrounding paper and instead blending in and adding a natural flair to previous works.

Natural products were also applied, such as natural tar & linseed when repairing elements of the historic buildings. Lime washing, an ancient method of wall painting, was utilised in order to preserve the stonework, as it was, whilst brightening the walls up in the process. Additionally, George Jones were also involved with the mass planting of 800,000 ceramic poppies in 2014, to commemorate 100 years since the start of the World War I.

From internal walls, to benches and bins, lamps in gold-leaf, doors and cannons, over a period of over 20 years, George Jones are proud to have helped maintain a national treasure and a huge part of the nation’s history. Whilst also proving our place in the industry, as a skilled, reliable, trustworthy and capable contractor. Ask us for more details on this historic project and how George Jones could do something similar for you.

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